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Preferences: Going to a haunted house together

Harry: He grabs onto your hand tightly as you both run through the dark hallway, “HOLY FUCK!” You scream as some person with an ugly mask lunges at you, “HEY!” Harry laughs as you stand frozen, petrified. He tucks you under his arm and leads the way. “You silly girl, it’s not real!” He whispers into your ear as a loud screech comes out from behind us making him yelp, causing you to laugh.

Niall: “Just hold on tight,” He said as the doors opened into a dark room. Red eyes began to pop out in the darkness, making you tremble. “Niall I can’t do this.” “Shh, yes come on now. Close your eyes if you need to, I’ll lead.” He said, trying to be the macho man he tried to be.

Louis: Louis and you literally sprint throughout the house, screaming and flinching away from everything. Getting out of there with adrenaline rushing through you, trembling from it.

Zayn: Zayn tries to act all calm, cool and collected. Strolling through the rooms and hallways at ease, but when a clown comes out he grabs your arm and drags you quickly out the exit.

Liam: “Babe I can’t MOVE!” You whined as scary faces, noises and spiders appeared. “Come on love, hop onto my back then!” He grabs you and you quickly get onto his back, he gives you a piggy back ride throughout the house, never breaking a sweat.

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